Safely Delivering Excellence Since 1927.

Our Values



We value the Safety of our Builders first in all we seek to build and accomplish.



We seek to strengthen our families through our policies, benefits, and a balanced, sustainable operation.



We believe in showing Respect for all by valuing each Builder as a person of worth, and by serving each Customer with Integrity.



We seek to serve God in all our endeavors as a company.



We strive to operate with discipline – focusing on high-quality construction and attention to detail at all times.

“FSC has afforded me a work environment that allows me to bring my best self on a daily basis. I appreciate the daily conversations with our builders that allow me to cultivate real relationships based on our five building block values.”

- Jay, Personnel Director

Through the Years

  1. 1927

    C.C. Mangum Company founded by Cleve and Callie Mangum

  2. 1928

    Grading at the Raleigh Gas Company

  3. 1940's

    Excavating for Revenue Building, Downtown Raleigh

  4. 1950

    US-70 from Garner to Clayton

  5. 1952

    NC State Fairgrounds

  6. 1953

    Bill Mangum becomes CEO of C.C. Mangum Company

  7. 1958

    US-70 from Durham to Greensboro

  8. 1965

    C.C. Mangum Company Builds First Asphalt Plant

  9. 1970

    Grading Raleigh Beltline from New Bern to Poole Road

  10. 1972

    C.C. Mangum Company Builds Second Asphalt Plant

  11. 1994

    Awarded the Sheldon Hayes Award

  12. 2004

    Fred Smith becomes CEO of C.C. Mangum Company

  13. 2009

    Smith family acquires C.C. Mangum Company and rebrands as Fred Smith Company

  14. 2011

    Fred Smith Company joins Construction Partners Inc

  15. May 2011

    Fred Smith Company acquires two additional asphalt plants located in Wake Forest and Holly Springs

  16. 2018

    Fred Smith Company adds a new asphalt plant located in Kenly

  17. October 2020

    Fred Smith Company acquires Riley Paving, adding four asphalt plants

  18. October 2020

    Fred Smith Company acquires Rose Brothers Paving, adding six asphalt plants

  19. December 2020

    Fred Smith Company acquires Gelder & Associates, adding one asphalt plant

  20. December 2020

    Fred Smith Company acquires R.P.C. Contracting Inc, adding two asphalt plants

  21. June 2021

    Fred Smith Company acquires PLT Construction

  22. August 2021

    Fred Smith Company acquires Daurity Springs Quarry

  23. September 2021

    Fred Smith Company acquires C.K. Earnhardt & Son, Inc, adding one asphalt plant

  24. March 2022

    Fred Smith Company acquires Southern Asphalt, Inc.


Ty Johnson

Ty Johnson

Executive Vice President

Jason Williams

Jason Williams

Sr. Vice President Preconstruction & Resources

Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen

Vice President Eastern Division

Reade Dawson

Reade Dawson

Vice President Central Division

Cassie Dixon

Cassie Dixon

Vice President Accounting

Andrew Norton

Andrew Norton

Vice President Legal Affairs

Charles Phelps

Charles Phelps

Vice President Commercial Division

Jeff Storms

Jeff Storms

Vice President Fleet Service & Support

Walt Viele

Walt Viele

Vice President Public Division