Fred Smith Company’s mission statement is “Safely Deliver Excellence in Construction.”  In addition, Fred Smith Company’s first Core Value is “Safety,” where Fred Smith Company confirms that: “We value the Safety of our Builders first in all we seek to build and accomplish.”  Fred Smith Company has not adopted a mission statement that starts with with word “safely” and has not made its first Core Value “Safety” by accident.  Fred Smith Company recognizes that the safety of our employees, subcontractors, customers and the public must be the top priority in all that we do.  We are convinced that Fred Smith Company can deliver excellence in construction safely to our customers and the public, and therefore makes that priority # 1.

2015 Fred Smith Company Safe Crew of the Year

Fred Smith Company 2015 Safe Crew of the Year

In order to accomplish the goal of safely delivering excellence in construction, Fred Smith Company specifically does the following to emphasize safety in each construction task we are engaged to fulfill:

  • Staffing a full-time Safety Director with more than 19 years of safety experience both nationally and abroad, three full-time Safety Managers, one full-time Safety Administrator, and three division specific managers who assist the Safety Team with division specific safety responsibilities, all of which are lead by Fred Smith Company’s Vice President of Legal Affairs to assure that safety issues are addressed at the executive level of Fred Smith Company.
  • Conducting extensive safety training annually for all Fred Smith Company builders, including task specific training for the different divisions of Fred Smith Company.
  • Requiring all builders to participate in at least daily task specific safety analysis before initiating work tasks.
  • Insisting upon the Safety Team’s participation in Pre-Construction meetings for all projects.
  • Providing Stop Work Authority to each builder, so that each builder – from laborer to company President – know that they have complete authority to halt work in the event that they perceive that an unsafe event is about to occur.
  • Setting a goal of zero recordable incidents each year.